About Us

Metamatics software makes life sciences research more effective and less costly.

Metamatics is a new company specializing in developing and integrating informatics solutions that make life scientists more productive and better informed. We combine our expertise in data processing and workflow with technical capability in informatics to build software for our clients in pharmaceutical, agricultural, and environmental research. Metamatics operates with the philosophy that unlocking the full value of life sciences research requires paying sharply focused attention to the properties and processing of its underlying information.

Informatics Software Development

Metamatics is developing a solutions portfolio that is balanced between products and services based upon this philosophy in order to service

  • Pharmaceutical and other life sciences companies
  • Specialty bioinformatics and cheminformatics companies
  • Academic institutions

Our solutions will deliver a modular approach to platforming informatics applications. Databasing, workflow, import/export, and ubiquitous term lookup utilities will allow research scientists to quickly set up tools that immediately yield value with a minimum of coding and information technology effort.

Informatics Integration Consulting

Metamatics also offers specialized consulting services in informatics integration. Our technical services include product installation and customization, custom solutions, third-party product integration, and pure analysis. Our heritage in professional services enables Metamatics to deliver solutions with a degree of coordination and communication ordinarily seen in much larger firms, while still maintaining flexibility and our specialized expertise.

Metamatics sees a bright future in the life sciences—one with a paradigmatic shift only just underway. We will help researchers take advantage of this shift; help them keep up, get ahead, and make the most of their talents. By doing so, we will both succeed as a company and help scientists make the world a better place for all.

Aug 3rd, 2007

MichBio Expo 2007

Metamatics will attend MichBio 2007, Lansing, Michigan, this October. Among other items, we will demo the Metamatics Eolus application and its integration with University of Michigan cheminformatics platforms.

Jul 31st, 2007

Collaboration with Ontotext

Metamatics has entered into a collaboration agreement with Ontotext to complete work for three current biomedical information projects in the academic and hospital sectors.

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Jun 15th, 2007

Working with Cincinnati Children’s to find cancer genes

Metamatics, LLC has engaged with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to execute the Genes Responsible for Cancer Disease Processes Project. more »